Famous Canadian Millionaires

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canadian millionaires

Want to marry rich in Canada? Guess what, your chances are higher than you can imagine. According to research by SeekingMillionaire.com, Canada’s middle class are the richest in the world. And you want to know what the best part is? Most of them are single and ready to mingle. Before we continue, let’s first tease you with other statistics of Canadian Millionaires by city. See it below:

Canadian Cities Millionaires
1. Toronto 2,300+
2. Calgary 1,200+
3. Ottawa 1000+
4. Montreal 750+
5. Edmonton 600+

Full disclosure, these figures are mere estimates but they couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, the numbers have increased from the last time the research was conducted.

Millionaires in Canada constitute just about 1% of the country’s population. We took up the challenge of identifying 10 of the most affluent Canadian millionaires. This way, we hope to ease lower the workload for those of you who are looking for some rich eligible bachelors to go out with.

Canadian Millionaires Features

We started by stating that millionaires in Canada constitute slightly over 1% of the country’s total population. Current statistical data shows that the population of Canada is about 37.5 million. This means that millionaires are about half a million. The best part is that most of these people reside in urban settings. As such, it wouldn’t be a big problem finding them.

Now, the first characteristic of top Canadian millionaires is that they are only a few. Surely, 1% of the population is a really small number. Searching for them would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well, thanks to technology, it is not that hard to find them in case you want to date one. Dating apps would be a great place to start although you would have to do more than just setting up a profile.

Marital status of Canadian Millionaires

Secondly, the majority of millionaires in Canada are single. Most of them are either divorced, widowed or never married at all. Well, it’s anybody’s guess why one would want to divorce a millionaire. Sometimes the terms of the separations are too good for either of the parties to turn down. As for widowed millionaires, their stories are usually quite varied as they do not follow a distinct pattern. Those who never married were either too busy or too good-looking that they scared off all the potential suitors.

Now that the reasons are out of the way, let’s answer a question of why these single millionaires remain single for a long time. For starters, they tend to get what they want. The internet presents a lot of instant options for just about anything you would want, provided you can afford to pay for it. This includes escort services. The availability of companionship for sale on the internet makes it easy for millionaires to maintain their single status for a little too long.


Age is one social characteristic that you wouldn’t want to leave out in the analysis of a person. Since we have looked at the marital status of most millionaires in Canada, we might as well analyze their age. Most millionaires in Canada are aged between 25 and 55 years. Well, if the recent statistics are anything to go by, we’d say Canada is one of the few countries with a relatively youthful middle-class. It is also the country with one of the wealthiest middle class in the world. Now we know why most eligible bachelors are found in Canada.

Lifestyle of Millionaires in Canada

The lifestyle of Canadian millionaires is obviously admirable. It is hard not to notice the lavish lifestyle that famous celebrities in Canada have. Given their youthful nature, they are the ones flashing designer clothes and fast cars and they live in the posh neighborhoods of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. The financial status of the millionaires in Canada can also be demonstrated by the busy nature of the Toronto Pearson International Airport, the way first-class tickets are always overbooked. They not only fly first class, but they also use private jets, and yachts in addition to the countless fast cars.

The rich people in Canada, specifically the millionaires also travel a lot. Most of them are in their most active ages, which means they work a lot. With the numerous work schedules and plenty of work-related travels to the United States, Europe, and Asia, it is anyone’s guess why most of these Canadian millionaires are single. It wouldn’t be quite convenient to raise a family with such a busy lifestyle. Thankfully, there are lots of options to substitute the actual fun that comes with having a family or a normal relationship. However, this doesn’t mean that millionaires in Canada do not have an interest in women. As a matter of fact, they do and we are going to look at the kind of beautiful singles they’d like to meet.

What Kind of beautiful singles would interest Canadian Millionaires?

Canadian millionaires have worked really hard to get to where they are. They sure deserve all the good things that come with having a lot of money. When it comes to the choice of women, millionaires in Canada have the best. They have high demands as well. We have come across requests for rich old singles that sounded rather over-ambitious. But then, one is free to make whatever demands they wish to make. After all, satisfaction is more of a perception and therefore it may vary from one recipient to another. Ever heard of the saying “one man’s meat is another man’s poison?”

Looks and Body Preferences

Most millionaires want to have beautiful singles that are as close to fairytale Barbie dolls as possible. For instance, they’d want a woman with stunning looks and a gorgeous body. This is not always the case though as some are more concerned about personalities than they are with physical appearance. For the most part, the rich old singles are interested in intelligent women with high abilities to keep up with a long-term relationship. Therefore, they would not concentrate too much on the appearance of women.

Younger Canadian millionaires are attracted to more gorgeous women. For those who seek matchmaking services for a spouse, the list looks and brains as the main characteristics. As such, they would want a woman with an above-average rating on looks, body and intelligence. If the millionaire is a workout junky, he would want a woman with similar tastes. Quite the majority of older Canadian millionaires are more attracted to women who exercise a lot. Above all, they adore women who are health conscious with some knowledge of healthy living. Such women are considered motivational and inspiring and they make great partners.

Outgoing women and those with daddy issues would be a turnoff to several Canadian millionaires, especially the slightly younger ones. However, the older millionaires in Canada have no problem supporting a young beautiful single financially. They have no problem putting the woman on a regular allowance or an occasional paycheck from time to time. It is also worth noting that most of the rich old singles prefer the minimal public display of affection. This is not the case with their younger counterparts who have incurable obsessions with paparazzi.

Wrapping up

The most populous cities in Canada are blossoming with single millionaires. Regardless, you cannot just meet them freely in the streets or even online except with a bit of some help. Are you having prospects of marrying rich? Then how about you start by finding out what these Canadian millionaires want in a woman? The online community is a great place to start with your endeavors. You could get yourself signed to a dating site or visit a matchmaker and have them listen to your preferences. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to meet the love of your life on the affluent side of life.